PTSD Spirituality: Art as a Means to Life and Love

PTSD seeks to extinguish Life and Love. It seeks to snuff out Creation. By a commitment to creative expressions and creative journey, we can mitigate the vampiric desires of PTSD and, potentially, understand more about Life and Love than we did before the onset of debilitating trauma.

A World of Hurt

A World of Hurt

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PTSD Spirituality: Cheating Spouses, Infidelity, and PTSD


Having a loved one with PTSD is an exceptionally hard experience. We watch them suffer and we also suffer. Sometimes the PTSD, mixed with alcohol and porn, leads to infidelity and the leading of a double life. What can we understand about this situation? Is there Hope? Is there anything we can do? The following observations apply to my experience with military trauma survivors as well as those who have survived rape or molestation.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and Holiday Stress

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the USA. It will be a time when many people have enjoyable family get-togethers and a time to eat, relax, and maybe watch some football. And, unfortunately, for many, Thanksgiving and the crush of on-going holiday stress … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and Reactions to the Paris Attacks

The recent terrorist attacks in Paris can aggravate the PTSD of people who do not even live in France. For those who live with PTSD, the Paris attacks send out ripples of traumatic triggers which can catalyze a fresh onset of PTSD driven behaviors. … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and Hope, Scattered Thoughts

“How and why should we believe there is hope?” There are many possible responses to this question. And, I myself have asked this same question (more times than I care to really admit), especially as it has to do with my decisions to not commit … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Suffering, Alone and in Silence

Many trauma survivors, regardless of the specific nature of their trauma, go on to suffer PTSD in isolation and in silence. And, this can make the suffering worse. … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Perhaps…

Perhaps it is up to those who have been Wounded in body or soul to … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Identify, Exorcize, Sanctify, Important Dates

In the previous essay, I jabbered on about anniversary dates for PTSD triggers and the transitions we go through as the results of the sorrows and joys in our lives. Part of the PTSD journey, part of our own individual sanctification journey, … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Anniversary Dates, Transitions, Triggers

  Anniversary dates can remind us of life transitions that then trigger PTSD symptoms and behaviors. Just like certain smells, sounds, and locations can be PTSD triggers, a meaningful anniversary date can trigger PTSD. Frequently, these … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Finding Some Sun in Flowers

Sun 1

  PTSD strives to change our identity, compel us into isolation, lacerate our abilities to hope and love. To survive and thrive in the face of our traumatic experiences and intrusive memories we need to find and embrace sources of life and … [Continue reading]