PTSD Spirituality: Quick Head’s Up on Poss Super Bowl Trigger

For those watching the Super Bowl today … I was warned by someone I trust that the Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan commercial can be triggering for vets with PTSD.

Evidently, it is very authentic.

Visuals combined with sounds can be a real challenge for many of us, well, at least for me.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Orange Armadillos PTSD Triggers and Hope

Snow Leopards Are Wonderful.Caution: This essay references Orange Armadillos.

PTSD can be devastating, confusing, and deadly. If we don’t recognize it, we are more vulnerable to its vicious goals to alienate, isolate, and harm us. If we are one of the fortunate ones, we recognize it and can name it. This is an important first step to gaining hope for our future and dispelling despair. In Hope is Life.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Yet Another Injury Update

Snow Leopard Drawing

Long time readers know that I took a hard fall last year and was injured. It is still ongoing. I finally broke down and re-entered the Belly of the Beast, the American Medical Industry. Here is the outlook after 10+ months: … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Feeling Guilty, Feeling Too Responsible

Trauma survivors often feel too responsible for things over which they have had no control. This is one of two extremes that PTSD often inflicts upon us. One extreme is that we feel too responsible for outcomes which we have no control over. The … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Of Injuries And Apologies.

I apologize for not posting essays with more frequency. Concerning PTSD, I’ve plenty to blather about, especially in the holiday season. After all, for many of us, myself included, holidays are times of heightened PTSD triggers. So, why am I not … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD Precautions and Holiday Awareness

Keep your head down and be careful about getting silhouetted! Why? Because the holidays … holi-daze … emphasis on “daze,“ are upon us again! We are back in what I call the “18% PTSD Danger Zone” that stems from around Veterans Day through Epiphany … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: From Broken Branch to Oak Tree

As survivors and healers we continue to grow in our journey to health and personal authenticity.  We are analogous to oak trees that have survived the traumatic whirlwinds and hurricanes of would-be loggers who only want to turn us into lumber. We … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Defeat PTSD-Identity with Art and Creativity

Art and any form of creativity help us to heal from our PTSD.  Creativity beats back PTSD’s assault against our personal identity, against our sense of self. PTSD wants us to feel we are worthless, we have no value, and that we are so tainted by … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: A Soundtrack for Your PTSD Journey

I remain constantly amazed at the fortitude and strength that each of you exhibits daily in your own PTSD journey and also by those of you who care for, or who are damaged by, someone else’s PTSD journey. You each deserve a soundtrack. … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: The PTSD Thaw is a Two-Edged Sword

A period of thawing out from PTSD’s ice tomb of isolation can occur as we learn how to understand and manage our PTSD. As we crack out of our PTSD-induced Ice Age, we become less frozen in terms of our relationships with our own selves, our various … [Continue reading]