PTSD Spirituality: Best Memories, Best Definitions (WB)

What if we (and not PTSD or its attendant vampires) got to formulate what a definition should really mean?
PTSD seeks to destroy us through amplifying our worst traumatic memories and suppressing our healthy memories. PTSD is often aided and abetted by[Continue Reading...]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD, Job, Theodicy & Gumball Theology

Fair Warning: This essay is non-conclusive and will probably annoy the (charles) dickens out of some people, even though neither is my intent. Just realistic. It also has way too many “quotation” marks, sometimes used for definitional purposes, other times used for ironic or cynical effect. Your mileage may vary. So, onwards with the essay…[Continue Reading...]

PTSD Spirituality: Healing and Writing Projects

This post is a combo survey on how I am healing up after my time under the knife and what I hope to be posting in the future, both near and far term. … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: I Think I Can See the Saddle from Here

Well, it’s been almost two weeks since my three minor surgeries.  They tell me that the first two weeks of recovery are the most painful and I can … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Easter, Resurrection, and Healing

A Blessed Easter to You and Yours. The example of Jesus, where he spends … [Continue reading]

The PTSD Spirituality Website May be Off and On for a Day or Two

Greetings, All! The website requires some maintenance that may render its availability up and down for a day or two. Bear with me as I find out the answer to the following question: "What Happens if I Click This?" So, I'll give it a whirl and see … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and the Destruction of Dignity

The PTSD-Identity wants to destroy our dignity. As it is busy gnawing at our own self-worth it also seeks to erode the dignity of those we care about and who care about us. Our human dignity is associated with our sense of self. If it can be damaged, … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Safety Tip #2, Holidays

PTSD is always its own special adventure.  Even at the best of times it can be a challenging journey to live with the PTSD soul wound.  Some times of the year are worse than others.  There are times when we become more vulnerable to triggers and our … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: Safety Tip #1, Value

Remember that you have value. No matter what your body’s wounds or injuries … [Continue reading]

PTSD Spirituality: With No Wall Behind Me

I am actually a bit amazed with myself just now. Why? At the risk of hubris, and underwhelming any reader who has not lived with PTSD personally or cared about someone with PTSD, here is today’s big achievement in my own PTSD healing journey: … [Continue reading]