PTSD Spirituality: Unrelated Triggers, Booze, and Hot Dogs

Hot Dogs and Corn on the Cob

Hot Dogs and Corn on the Cob

One of the many “joys” of having PTSD is that we can get triggered by events and situations which have nothing to do with our initial traumas. Depending on levels of stress one can be more susceptible to activation of their PTSD symptoms and behaviors. Such has been my life of late. O’ Joy, O’ Bliss! Lucky Me![Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: The Causes of PTSD

What are the types of trauma which can cause PTSD?

As you know, PTSD stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Medical and psychological experts have learned that PTSD can cause changes in the brain.  As a Catholic theologian I know trauma can also affect our souls.  So I think of PTSD as Post Terror Soul Disorder.  But what are the types of trauma that can initiate the wounding of our souls by PTSD?  There are four of them.  One wants to remember that [Continue Reading…]