PTSD Spirituality: Anger Mistakes, Sanctification, Future Choice

PTSD wants to wound us and render us feral. It wants us to despair in our wounds: physical, mental, and spiritual. It wants us to never realize we are on a sanctification journey, that we can still receive divine grace. PTSD wants us angry and letting lose with our anger. Having wounded others or maybe just belittling ourselves, it wants us to believe we can never be forgiven.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Benefits and Risks of Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions usher in potential benefits and risks for those of us with PTSD. On the one hand we can make great strides in our healing and sanctification by living up to well thought-out resolutions. Yet, at the same time, there is the risk of biting off more than we can chew. Depending on how we are in relation to ourselves, if we have low self-worth, the failure to achieve a resolution may result in feeling that we have programmed ourselves for failure.  What are the benefits and risks of New Year’s resolutions for those with the PTSD soul wound?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD Esotericism and Health Changes

Can Changes to Mind & Soul Manifest as Physical Health Changes?  We continue to examine a reader’s questions about the possible esoteric side of the PTSD journey.  The third question was: Could these [esoteric] changes to the mind and soul take on a physical aspect of let’s say health issues?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Can PTSD Enhance Empathy, Guilt, Hopelessness?

This PTSD Spirituality essay examines the following question: What if the PTSD allowed your mind to think in esoteric form and heightened empathy to where the weight of the world is on your shoulders and everyone’s pain makes you feel guilty and hopeless all the time?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Prayerful Healing is a Sanctification Opportunity.

Human beings afflicted with PTSD’s soul wound often find themselves in denial.  They often self-medicate in ways that further damage their health, spirituality, and relationships.  Even after we stop denying we have PTSD we are still often trapped in a cycle of coping that just digs a deeper hole for us to be buried within.  While we ought to embrace the medical side of PTSD treatments, we ought to also embrace a way to strip off some of the PTSD-tar from our souls.  We need some way to reconnect to the image and likeness of God that dwells within each of us.  The PTSD-Identity desires us to forget and deny that we have any connection to the divine, to the Light and Love that is God.  How do we reclaim our soul’s Light and Love from the alienation produced by PTSD?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Prayerful Resolutions and Resolutions to Pray

Traditionally, many people make New Year’s resolutions that they hope will make themselves better people, healthier, or maybe even wealthier.  Often, as trauma survivors, we will also endeavor to make our own sets of resolutions.  But, there are risks involved when PTSD is part of the equation.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Two Groups State PTSD Is 100% Curable

About a month ago I was asked by a very patient reader about what parts of my PTSD have gone away and what I still have.  I had to put that question on-hold because I had a minor heart issue to deal with at the hospital and I was wrapping up my teaching semester.  What I appreciated most about the query was that my dignity and privacy were respected.  While all of us deserve dignity and respect, it is very important to provide it to people who have survived trauma.  Why?  Because PTSD, [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Art and Craft Can Heal PTSD Soul Wounds

Artwork enables the healing of PTSD soul wounds.  The process of craft allows for the continued polishing of our souls.  PTSD inflicts blemishes and fractures upon our soul.  Those wounds to our soul are meant to force us into isolation and then kill us.  Those soul wounds are meant to make us sever healthy relationships and seek out porn, drugs, reckless sex, booze, and oblivion.  Artwork, in any of its manifestations, helps to heal these wounds.  The artist engages life on both the physical and spiritual levels and endeavors to translate that experience into an expression others can comprehend. [Continue Reading…]