PTSD Spirituality: Another Memorial Day … Damn

Fair Warning: This is not a “Patriotic” essay.Dragon Grapihte 2

Memorial Day: We’ll get our share of drive-by caring and plastic patriotism. In some areas we will have to endure fireworks. And, we will have to deal with the specter of those afflicted with Compassion Deficit Disorder (CDD) … nothing quite like being blamed for having PTSD, sensitivity to triggers, and living in a fear-state, just because we “couldn’t hack it” or because we are “cowards.” The news media, practicing a predictable “calendar journalism,” will show a brief uptick of interest in those with military service.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Why Should I Care About PTSD? or, What is Compassion Deficit Disorder?

Why should I care about PTSD?  This question usually indicates Compassion Deficit Disorder.  In my experience it tends to come from hypocritical Christians, Plastic Patriots, and Chicken Hawks.  Rarely does it seem to come from someone who actually wants to be educated so as to help someone who suffering from the soul wounds of PTSD.  I have to be careful because this question, especially, when delivered in a scoffing tone can trigger my own anger and [Continue Reading…]