PTSD Spirituality: A Soundtrack for Your PTSD Journey

I remain constantly amazed at the fortitude and strength that each of you exhibits daily in your own PTSD journey and also by those of you who care for, or who are damaged by, someone else’s PTSD journey. You each deserve a soundtrack.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Engaging Music, Art, Poetry Helps to Heal PTSD

Music, poetry, and art of just about any kind can help us diminish the life-destroying affects that PTSD can have on us.  Art, like prayer, is a voyage of discovery.  Art is like an antibiotic against the PTSD soul infection.  We discover the[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and Coping with the Holidays (Holi-daze!)

How can I better cope with holidays if I suffer from the soul wounds of PTSD?

We recognize that PTSD is often made worse in the holidays. Our sense of anger, loss, relationship troubles, you name it, are often exacerbated. Holiday stress heightens the PTSD Identity and we may engage in unfortunate behaviors to cope.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Ecstasy Self-Help Test

In the PTSD Ecstasy Self-Test we apply the definitions of ecstasy to our own personal experiences.  In doing this exercise we hope one sees how the ancient understanding of ecstasy and ecstatic experience can help us to better understand our own experiences and our PTSD, and perhaps contribute to soul healing.

The PTSD Producing Experience (Then): Ask yourself how each of the italicized sections listed below describe the traumatic experiences that gave you PTSD.  Now write it out.

The Ongoing PTSD Life (Now, Since Then): We have survived the events which initially gave us PTSD.  But now we have PTSD.  How people treat you will cause your soul to be either nourished or further harmed.  Ask yourself how each of the italicized sections listed below describe the ongoing experience of living with [Continue Reading…]