PTSD Spirituality: You Are Not Weak, You Are Wounded and Strong

Raptors Like FlowersRecently, those of us with PTSD were further stigmatized by being labeled as weak by a major party presidential candidate. He stated that military personnel who are not strong enough have gotten PTSD. This is a false statement, probably based on ignorance and not malice.

If you have PTSD, you are not weak. You have plenty of strength, plenty of character. It is not a case of not being strong enough. We have been wounded both physically and spiritually. Trauma wounds our brains and it wounds our souls.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Pope Benedict Condemns Child Abusing Priests

Pope Benedict XVI condemned child abusing priests yesterday.  He made his statement yesterday in Vatican City.

Child abuse and molestation is a major source of PTSD.  It is a horrendous crime against the body, mind, and soul of a human being.  The depth of the soul damage is made even worse because of the special privileges clergy hold in society.  While it is horrific enough to have a stranger jump you in an alley, or to get drugged, raped (and filmed for internet distribution) at a college fraternity party, the level of trust destroyed in a clergy abuse scenario multiplies the PTSD damage inflicted on the child.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: More Spirituality Blogs On The Way?

Latest news on the blogging frontier is that Pope Benedict is encouraging priests to start blogging.  The Vatican has been behind the media curve for a while in getting its message out.  But then again the Catholic Church is over 40 years old and many of us who are over 40 struggle with the challenges (and opportunities!) of all this technology.  As a Catholic theologian I experience [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD Despair Destroys Self-Worth

The goal of the PTSD-Identity is to destroy any hope I have of peace.  While PTSD wounds my own soul, it also strives to damage the peace of those around me so they will give up on me, reject me, and just let me go into isolation and die.  The PTSD-Identity can manifest some very ugly behaviors and try to convince people to abandon me.  To love someone with PTSD takes a special, exponential, love.  PTSD wants me to despair and give up on myself.

 In an earlier essay, Can I Have PTSD and Ever Be at Peace?, we discussed that peace is more than just the lack of physical violence.  Indeed, peace is a series of properly ordered relationships (Self, God, Communities, and the Creation).  In this post, the PTSD Spirituality blog will discuss how important it is to be at peace with myself.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Understanding & Identifying PTSD Triggers (Part 3)

In Part Three of our series on Understanding and Identifying PTSD Triggers we take on the topics of artifacts (tangible and intangible) that can trigger PTSD symptoms.  Included in this discussion will be the ubiquitous Hummer and the C-130 Hercules.  Calendar based anniversary dates, particular climate and weather types may also contribute to inducing PTSD symptoms in a trauma survivor.  Links to the first two installments on PTSD triggers can be found as follows: Part 1 with its discussion of noises, sounds, and fireworks as PTSD triggers and Part 2 with its discussion of smells and odors.  Today’s PTSD Spirituality Blog installment on the trigger aspect of the soul wound of PTSD continues below: [Continue Reading…]