PTSD Spirituality: One Thing Led To Another

Yesterday morning at around 1130 I had to remember some of my memories from when I was in the service.  Suffice that there were some good reasons that I had to do this.  In the space of 2 to 3 minutes I went from being articulate and able to hold a conversation to being confused, stuttering, and having troubles with my memory.  This led to numbness in my limbs, headache, the shakes, fear, and a prolonged weeping, crying jag.  Then it got worse.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Understanding & Identifying PTSD Triggers (Part 4)

Techniques to Control and Live Beyond Our PTSD Triggers:  In this final installment on Understanding and Identifying PTSD Triggers we discuss some of the ways to cope with them.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Does Early Use of Morphine Reduce PTSD?

Morphine is often administered in cases of combat triage and in civilian emergency rooms.  Typically understood as an opiate that can reduce pain, a recent study suggests that administering morphine soon after intense trauma may prevent PTSD from developing.  Benedict Carey reports that it may even be a sort of “morning-after pill” for the prevention of the onset of PTSD.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Understanding & Identifying PTSD Triggers (Part 3)

In Part Three of our series on Understanding and Identifying PTSD Triggers we take on the topics of artifacts (tangible and intangible) that can trigger PTSD symptoms.  Included in this discussion will be the ubiquitous Hummer and the C-130 Hercules.  Calendar based anniversary dates, particular climate and weather types may also contribute to inducing PTSD symptoms in a trauma survivor.  Links to the first two installments on PTSD triggers can be found as follows: Part 1 with its discussion of noises, sounds, and fireworks as PTSD triggers and Part 2 with its discussion of smells and odors.  Today’s PTSD Spirituality Blog installment on the trigger aspect of the soul wound of PTSD continues below: [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: How Do I Deal With My PTSD Memories?

How do I deal with PTSD memories?  Can I make the PTSD memories go away?

PTSD affects our memories and our PTSD memories can harm us.  We survive traumatic experiences in our immediate present that goes on to become our immediate and then distant past, but we are not finished with those experiences.  Perhaps it is better to say, those experiences are not finished with us.  We continue to relive them as memories.   Reliving the memories can further traumatise us.  If you have PTSD, then you know that the memory of a traumatic event can be just as terrifying as the original event itself.  So, when people say, “Just get over it,” or “Forget it, that was a long time ago.”  It’s clear they just don’t get it.  My memories can keep my traumatic experiences alive and current and jerking me around everyday – even if the original events occured decades ago.  And, since a lot of these memories are processed into our dreams, my traumatic memories also jerk me around in[Continue Reading…]