PTSD Spirituality: The First Goal of the PTSD-Identity

PTSD endeavors to ravage us in multiple ways.  While there are a variety of ways it can damage us, there tend to be three things the PTSD-Identity strives to do on the spiritual level.  PTSD has three goals: goals that are so toxic that they have the potential to destroy us.  These three goals are so poisonous that not only do they harm the particular trauma survivor, but they also seek to harm those who care about them.  And, the more we love and care about the trauma survivor, the more likely we are to get splashed by the PTSD-Identity’s three toxic goals.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Discipleship and Hindrances to PTSD Healing

Today I was interested to find out that someone considers me to not be a Christian and that the PTSD Spirituality website should be used with “discernment.”  I agree that any website, or any other medium of communication, should be used with “discernment,” including this website.  I, however, was a bit puzzled at being characterized as a non-Christian.  Pondering that judgment on my Christian authenticity brought to mind one of the areas I cover when teaching about healing the PTSD soul wound, it is called the “Axis of Hindrance.”[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Pamba and the Word (Fiction)

Pamba hungered.  Tired, she padded her way through the forest, all the while listening to the birds call back and forth.  Hot, still, air weighed upon her.  The thick atmosphere, hard to breathe, rendered her even more tired, more hungry.  Bright streaks of sunlight filtered through the tree tops to the forest floor. [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: When God Fails Your PTSD Wounds

To survive and heal from the spiritual dimensions of PTSD requires a right relationship with God.  But most of us are immediately prevented from engaging God in a properly ordered relationship.  We require a mature relationship with God.  We neded to be at peace with God, but are not.  Why is that?

[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Veterans’ Children Website and the Vets Art Project

I am excited to write about the Vet Art Project and the Veteran’s Children websites and missions.

Children are affected by their parents’ PTSD.  In fact children can develop PTSD symptoms from their parents.    Today I discovered a wonderful resource called “Veterans’ Children” which provides very useful resources on PTSD and is focused on the children of PTSD sufferers.  The Veterans’ Children site, with an emphasis on telling our stories and healing from our PTSD, blends nicely with the Vet Art Project .   The Vet Art Project helps vets and families connect with the art world and see their stories written, told, performed, and painted.  Both of these projects help us to realize that in spite of our PTSD, we have a fundamental value, we are worthwhile.  We know that PTSD destroys self-worth, art and story restores our self-worth.

Part of what makes these projects so wonderful is [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Can I Get PTSD From My Job?

PTSD can be caused by four broad categories of trauma.  PTSD wounds our souls.  We usually think of rape or military service or natural disasters as causing PTSD.  Yet, a question I sometimes get is, “Can I get PTSD from my civilian  job?” (This essay was expanded on 24 Jan 2010)[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituallity: Ten Steps For Healing PTSD Anger

In this essay we offer ten not so easy steps for dealing with PTSD anger.  We also offer a succinct take on the question: Can I Ever Be 100% Anger Free?  While this post can be read alone, it assumes you have read the previous posts on anger here at the PTSD Spirituality website.  Those previous post are:  1. Understanding Anger in the PTSD-Identity and 2. PTSD Anger Cycle Can Disable and Dehumanize US [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: When Does PTSD Happen? Types of PTSD Onset.

When can I expect PTSD to strike?  I have survived trauma, will I get PTSD?

PTSD can have behave in several ways.  While there are specific effects it can have on the structures of the brain and brain chemistry, it also affects our soul.  But what are some of the mechanics of PTSD onset?  At what point does it strike?  PTSD has a range of possible onset periods.  There is also the question of frequency of occurrence.  Let’s begin with PTSD onset periods.[Continue Reading…]