PTSD Spirituality: Anger Mistakes, Sanctification, Future Choice

PTSD wants to wound us and render us feral. It wants us to despair in our wounds: physical, mental, and spiritual. It wants us to never realize we are on a sanctification journey, that we can still receive divine grace. PTSD wants us angry and letting lose with our anger. Having wounded others or maybe just belittling ourselves, it wants us to believe we can never be forgiven.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and Hope, Scattered Thoughts

“How and why should we believe there is hope?”

There are many possible responses to this question. And, I myself have asked this same question (more times than I care to really admit), especially as it has to do with my decisions to not commit suicide.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Resolutions, Staying Realistic

The previous PTSD Spirituality essay dealt with the benefits and risks of making resolutions. For those of us who carry the PTSD soul wound, we need to maximize opportunities of healing and minimize the potential pitfalls that often try to take root within us. These parameters apply in our day to day outlook as well as in any pre-planned life changes (resolutions) we may be contemplating.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and the Dynamics of Shame & Grace

PTSD creates shame in those who are afflicted with this terrible soul wound.  Even when we have nothing to be ashamed about, PTSD seeks to make us feel and act ashamed. These unnecessary feelings of shame are part of PTSD’s ploy to further cripple us and kill us. (Let me thank Rev. Beth at the Bady Partnership for her timely reflection on PTSD-Shame.  Seems we have both been thinking about this topic.) [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Prayerful Healing is a Sanctification Opportunity.

Human beings afflicted with PTSD’s soul wound often find themselves in denial.  They often self-medicate in ways that further damage their health, spirituality, and relationships.  Even after we stop denying we have PTSD we are still often trapped in a cycle of coping that just digs a deeper hole for us to be buried within.  While we ought to embrace the medical side of PTSD treatments, we ought to also embrace a way to strip off some of the PTSD-tar from our souls.  We need some way to reconnect to the image and likeness of God that dwells within each of us.  The PTSD-Identity desires us to forget and deny that we have any connection to the divine, to the Light and Love that is God.  How do we reclaim our soul’s Light and Love from the alienation produced by PTSD?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Isolation and Grace (Preliminary Thoughts)

PTSD is insidious in its effort to make us think we are alone in our suffering.  It is true that we are often neglected in this suffering by others, but we are never the only ones who are suffering.  Even in a locked room, or some sort of solitary confinement, we are never alone as the Community of God is with us.  If we are unaware of this, or fall into the interrogator’s snare that says we are alone and that no one knows or cares about our suffering, then the PTSD can harm us even more than usual. [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Identity: Does Sexual Fidelity Matter?

Does Sexual Fidelity Matter?  The sexual experience is an ecstatic experience in its own right when the joy is shared between two spouses in a sacramental relationship.  It is an experience of absolute worth that further opens them to the mystery of participation[Continue Reading…]