PTSD Spirituality: From Broken Branch to Oak Tree

oaktreeAs survivors and healers we continue to grow in our journey to health and personal authenticity.  We are analogous to oak trees that have survived the traumatic whirlwinds and hurricanes of would-be loggers who only want to turn us into lumber. We can provide the shade to help keep the vulnerable and broken from being burned.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD and Pain-Generated Premonitions, Insights, Prophecy

Concerning the possibility of esoteric manifestations due to PTSD, the second question was: What if because of the pain it allowed you to have premonitions?   To engage this question we need to look at premonitions, insights, and prophecy.  When are these experiences likely to be connected to our PTSD pain and when are they likely to be authentic?  Are there connections to Despair, Hope, or Compassion for Others?[Continue Reading…]