PTSD Spirituality: Another Memorial Day … Damn

Fair Warning: This is not a “Patriotic” essay.Dragon Grapihte 2

Memorial Day: We’ll get our share of drive-by caring and plastic patriotism. In some areas we will have to endure fireworks. And, we will have to deal with the specter of those afflicted with Compassion Deficit Disorder (CDD) … nothing quite like being blamed for having PTSD, sensitivity to triggers, and living in a fear-state, just because we “couldn’t hack it” or because we are “cowards.” The news media, practicing a predictable “calendar journalism,” will show a brief uptick of interest in those with military service.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Veteran’s Courts, PTSD, and a Developing Sensibility

Many veterans with PTSD are trying to end their suffering through a method called “Suicide by Cop.” This is where a PTSD afflicted individual causes a “man with a gun” notification to go out over police radio. The police respond, there is a standoff, the PTSD person then points or fires his weapon at the police, and they kill him. It is a form of suicide generated by the PTSD-Identity. Sometimes the PTSD afflicted person will even yell out “Shoot Me!” to the police. In today’s[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Big Lie #3: PTSD Victims Asked For It and Deserve It

The third big lie about PTSD is that someone, somehow, chose to contract it.  This view argues that we somehow deserve our PTSD.  Two versions of Big Lie #3 one might hear are as follows:[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: The First Big Lie is PTSD Does Not Exist

There are three big lies out there about PTSD.  The lies help create despair and they make negative, destructive behaviors appear reasonable to those who suffer from PTSD.  These lies are used to deny compassion to people who need it.  They are also used as a way to deny appropriate financial compensation and medical opportunities for PTSD healing.  These three big lies also reinforce the alienation that all PTSD sufferers are subjected to.  By reinforcing the isolation most PTSD sufferers already experience, the PTSD is made worse.  These lies help make sure the PTSD Circle remains Unbroken.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Can I Get PTSD From My Job?

PTSD can be caused by four broad categories of trauma.  PTSD wounds our souls.  We usually think of rape or military service or natural disasters as causing PTSD.  Yet, a question I sometimes get is, “Can I get PTSD from my civilian  job?” (This essay was expanded on 24 Jan 2010)[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Why Should I Care About PTSD? or, What is Compassion Deficit Disorder?

Why should I care about PTSD?  This question usually indicates Compassion Deficit Disorder.  In my experience it tends to come from hypocritical Christians, Plastic Patriots, and Chicken Hawks.  Rarely does it seem to come from someone who actually wants to be educated so as to help someone who suffering from the soul wounds of PTSD.  I have to be careful because this question, especially, when delivered in a scoffing tone can trigger my own anger and [Continue Reading…]