PTSD Spirituality: Anger Mistakes, Sanctification, Future Choice

PTSD wants to wound us and render us feral. It wants us to despair in our wounds: physical, mental, and spiritual. It wants us to never realize we are on a sanctification journey, that we can still receive divine grace. PTSD wants us angry and letting lose with our anger. Having wounded others or maybe just belittling ourselves, it wants us to believe we can never be forgiven.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Where to Start, How to Go On

If you feel your life has no value and there is no hope. Please do not kill yourself.


It’s been an age since I have posted anything here at the PTSD Spirituality website. Mostly, it has been due to illness; the “Usual Suspects” of chronic pain, PTSD issues, mobility problems, and the mocking exhaustion from having nothing left to offer after teaching a class or going grocery shopping (hard to believe I once ran cross country). Added to those guys is a persistent, nagging, feeling of hubris, of unworthiness, of not really having much to say that counts in the big picture.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD Anger Issues, Real Injustice or is My Ego Threatened?

People who walk the PTSD healing journey know that anger issues frequently flare up. When interacting with a PTSD-afflicted loved one we may see them respond to us with what feels like irrational anger. At times the PTSD anger response may appear to us as an overkill response: The stimulus was small, but the anger was huge! PTSD-Identity often exacerbates our anger as a means to ruin our relationships and further isolate us. But what made us so angry to begin with? Was it an actual situation of injustice that gave us righteous indignation, or do I feel that my identity is threatened, that is to say, have I been rendered insecure and I lash out? Is my ego, disguised as “honor,” provoking anger?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Thriving In Spite of PTSD Anger Flashes

Sometimes we have “PTSD Anger Flashes.”  This is when someone says something or something happens that is also one of our PTSD triggers and then we go “Kaw-Wooomph” and respond with anger to the person in question.  The person whom we just responded to may get back into our face and PTSD is delighted that it started a fight and damaged a relationship.  How do we handle these PTSD Anger Flashes?  How might we actually use them to our benefit?[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: One Thing Led To Another

Yesterday morning at around 1130 I had to remember some of my memories from when I was in the service.  Suffice that there were some good reasons that I had to do this.  In the space of 2 to 3 minutes I went from being articulate and able to hold a conversation to being confused, stuttering, and having troubles with my memory.  This led to numbness in my limbs, headache, the shakes, fear, and a prolonged weeping, crying jag.  Then it got worse.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Feeling That We Are Not Enough

Laid out in the hospital bed, the soldier considered confiding something to his nurse: He felt he was a failure, that somehow he had not done “enough” to stick with his unit, his men, the mission.  He should be with the unit now, but instead he was here, swaddled in clean sheets, tubes, and hot food.  Somehow, he just knew, regardless of the IVs and the vomiting, he knew a primordial truth: He had not done “enough.”  He had considered keeping silent.  He rejected that idea and whispered to the nurse,[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Doused with a Bucket of PTSD Anger

Part of the PTSD-Identity is to be seized by unexpected anger. We have been doing well and then all of a sudden we discover ourselves to be angry.  The suddenness of it can be startling.  We might have been doing fine and then it feels as if someone doused us with a bucket of anger.  PTSD anger can come in waves and we cannot always control when it will hit.

We can, however, influence how much PTSD anger controls us and what we can learn from it.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituallity: Ten Steps For Healing PTSD Anger

In this essay we offer ten not so easy steps for dealing with PTSD anger.  We also offer a succinct take on the question: Can I Ever Be 100% Anger Free?  While this post can be read alone, it assumes you have read the previous posts on anger here at the PTSD Spirituality website.  Those previous post are:  1. Understanding Anger in the PTSD-Identity and 2. PTSD Anger Cycle Can Disable and Dehumanize US [Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: PTSD Anger Cycle Can Disable and Dehumanize Us

In this essay we will examine how anger disables us from being fully human, how anger is a normal part of PTSD, and some ideas about managing anger.  Additionally, we will offer some thoughts about breaking out of the Anger Cycle.[Continue Reading…]

PTSD Spirituality: Understanding Anger in the PTSD-Identity

Just like we have triggers that activate our PTSD symptoms, we all have triggers that activate our anger.  This is true of everyone; it is not unique to people afflicted with the soul wound of PTSD. But in the world of PTSD anger remains a real problem.

People, who before surviving trauma, use to be calm, patient, and fun to be around, are now found to be angry all the time, short-tempered, and unpleasant. We need to remember that the PTSD-Identity wants us to be angry all of the time. That way we can ruin our relationships even faster.[Continue Reading…]