PTSD Spirituality: Quick Head’s Up on Poss Super Bowl Trigger

For those watching the Super Bowl today … I was warned by someone I trust that the Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan commercial can be triggering for vets with PTSD.

Evidently, it is very authentic.

Visuals combined with sounds can be a real challenge for many of us, well, at least for me.

Word to the wise … have a remote handy to mute it and possibly blank the screen for a minute if you are triggered by modern mil-stuff.

Sometimes mil-stuff can even trigger those who survived other types of trauma.

Me? Alas, I will not be imbibing the Super Bowl. With luck, I’ll be either trying to draw a snow leopard or reading … or if very lucky … sleeping!

As the saying goes: Meanwhile, I keep dancing! (And, I hope you are, too!)

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. Hope you managed a great drawing of a snow leopard. Keeping you and yours in my prayers

  2. Excellent point. Best, Darren

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