PTSD Spirituality: Of Injuries And Apologies.

I apologize for not posting essays with more frequency. Concerning PTSD, I’ve plenty to blather about, especially in the holiday season. After all, for many of us, myself included, holidays are times of heightened PTSD triggers. So, why am I not writing? I got injured.

In the previous post I mentioned my losing fight with an escalator. That has ended up damaging my shoulder and aggravating some damage in my neck. I’ve not been able to use my arm and hand much and writing is very painful and triggers other problems. Unfortunately, even using voice processing software is difficult and exhausting at present.

Yesterday afternoon and this morning I re-entered the belly of the beast, the American Medical Industry.

Yea, even though I walk in the shadow of the American Medical Industry, I shall fear no evil.

Started some medication to deal with inflammations, got some x-rays, and the usual good cheer of dealing with doctor’s offices and hospital waiting rooms. Am now awaiting initial results.

This is nothing lethal. I’ll live. But, it is incredibly frustrating (and painful). I want to write, I can’t write very much. I am already paying a price for this writing but wanted to let people know I still care and do really want to post more blathering essays about PTSD Spirituality.

I have not been able to keep up with comments and correspondence. If that includes you, then please know it is not personal … just my body trying to show who is in charge.

For those who pray or think good, healing thoughts, feel free to send some my way. For those already doing so: Thank You Very Much!

And, as the saying goes: Meanwhile, I Keep Dancing.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. This was worth reading out loud to Art. I laughed out loud! “Yea, even though I walk in the shadow of the American Medical Industry, I shall fear no evil.”

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