PTSD Spirituality: A Soundtrack for Your PTSD Journey

I remain constantly amazed at the fortitude and strength that each of you exhibits daily in your own PTSD journey and also by those of you who care for, or who are damaged by, someone else’s PTSD journey. You each deserve a soundtrack.

As we get through our PTSD each day, most of us don’t believe we are being strong, resilient, or exhibiting fortitude. PTSD does not want us to recognize these attributes. If we did recognize them, then we would become even more resilient.

Often, only others can perceive the strength and beauty that we manifest as we daily, hourly, strive to reclaim our lives back from PTSD.

Please allow me to acknowledge your individual strength and beauty.

It may feel like a lonely journey, but you are not alone.

Usually we just feel guilty, ashamed, weak, or embarrassed that we have been rendered this way.  We did not choose to have PTSD, but PTSD … and vampires and dickweeds … want us to think so.

You are braver and stronger than you know. You are engaged in a titanic struggle against darkness … and I know you are strong enough to survive and thrive in spite of your PTSD.

So… by the power that no one in particular has ever invested in me, I hereby bestow upon you your own soundtrack.


Whenever you step outside, enjoy nature, take a decisive action, take good care of yourself, risk expanding your horizons, or engage in any form of creativity, then you have earned another replay of your soundtrack.

Your soundtrack has been playing all long.

Now you just know what it sounds like.

As Always: You Have Value.

But Now! You Have Value and a Soundtrack, Too!  Woohoo!

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. cindyplume says:

    Dr. Z, I would love to speak with you. I do a spiritual radio show with guests that can help/bring a light to peoples lives when they struggle. I have recently been asked to do a show on PTSD and it turned a light on for me. There are so many people out there that reach out for help. Thank you, Cindy

    • Hi Annie,
      Thank you very much for sharing this … such a blessing! I got choked up at some of the parts. Music can be so restorative for us.
      Semper Pax, Dr. Z

  2. carol steehler says:

    The power of music is awesome!

  3. Thanks for the smiles, chuckles (and soundtrack!)

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