PTSD Spirituality: Art as a Means to Life and Love

PTSD seeks to extinguish Life and Love. It seeks to snuff out Creation. By a commitment to creative expressions and creative journey, we can mitigate the vampiric desires of PTSD and, potentially, understand more about Life and Love than we did before the onset of debilitating trauma.

A World of Hurt

A World of Hurt

This means that we can spiritually overcome the worst of our PTSD by embracing Life and Love, by embracing the act of Creation and the sacramental presence within every created thing.  All of our actions, our creations, are manifestations of the Creator, the Creation, and our relationships to them. (As always, I encourage those who suffer from PTSD to seek out medical advice. Authentic Medicine and Authentic Spirituality are not opposed to one another.)

It also means that when the worst PTSD outcomes occur it is because PTSD has been successful in alienating us from Life and Love. Essentially, it means we can summarize Live and Love into the term Creation.  This understanding of Creation, as it pertains to thriving in a healthy life in spite of our PTSD, is both a verb and a noun…and for those who want to get grammatical… it can even be understood as a participle.

Before I found my voice as a writer and teacher, PTSD actively sought to alienate me, isolate me, and to engage me in varying degrees of self-harm. Part of what saved me, and the journey remains ongoing, was exploring creation through non-verbal art. Art can help to renew our lives. Within the creative endeavor is Life and Love.

In art we can express the inexpressible. In art we can struggle to find meaning in our joy, meaning in our suffering.

That Process of Life and Love, the creative journey, the meaningful creative accomplishments, generates from our need for relationships. These relationships do not necessarily need to be of the standard “Happily Ever After” variety. Sometimes we may learn that some relationships need to be let go of, that we need to not let toxic people weigh us down and prevent us from healing. Your mileage may vary.

Creativity generates community. And, if we dare, community can generate Life and Love.

Take some time out for yourself and engage in creativity. It can be transformative.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


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