PTSD Spirituality: Holidays Can Really Suck

I’ve linked to an essay on why holidays are so painful for people with PTSD called Holidays and the 18% PTSD Danger Zone.

It is something I’ve posted before, but which seems to have a sustained usefulness for some readers.

On a personal note: My personal health situation has been troubled for some months now.  I am still able to teach a single class, but it remains more difficult.  And, to be blunt, finances are harder when you are not working much; I had to borrow some money to renew the domain and hosting associated with this site.  That falls on me, of course,  because I have not been able to write and post as much as I would like.  My preference would be to write more, but as the saying goes, the spirit is willing but the flesh is weak…granted the writer did not probably mean that in terms of a PTSD Spirituality website.

Meanwhile, I continue my journey through the belly of the American Medical Industry.  Nothing quite like that for re-activating some PTSD triggers.  This morning as I read the Washington Post, a sidebar advertisement included a military cargo aircraft interior.  That brought back some memories of chills and thrills.  I had to show it to my wife to help her to then help me defuse the situation.  O’ it can be so lovely, to be so fragile.

That all said, I still abuse practice my guitar each day and that feels like a sort of prayer which grounds me into the here and now and not the terror of back then.

I wish you all a peaceful and healing Thanksgiving and Holiday (Holidaze) season.

In spite of all these health problems, neurological as well as PTSD, God made us and loves us.  Each of us has real value.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. Dr. Z, so wonderful to hear from you! Thank you so much for reposting your essay on the holidays; it was so welcome. I felt at least one person really gets it around this time of year. Sorry to say I am choosing isolating this year. But I am going to the store and buy me a nice steak for dinner tonight. I hope things improve for you. On your finances, maybe it’s time to apply for SSDI. I got an attorney and my case was approved first time out. It did help a lot to take off my stress level that I had to work no matter how much it killed me. Again, we love reading your essays — thanks for all you do. 🙂

    • Hi Harry, I’ll take my steak medium-well, mate! I think you are right on the SSDI. One of my doctors has been telling me I should do so. What a blessing – and hard work, I am sure, – to get approved the first time around! Hope you are able to avoid the problem people this holiday, I am doing a bit of Run Silent, Run Deep myself this year. Always good to hear from you! Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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