PTSD Spirituality: Strokes and PTSD

Researchers are discovering a connection between surviving a stroke and developing PTSD. In the link below, Barbara Bronson Gray, writing for the online U.S. News & World Report, reports that stroke survivors have a 25% chance of contracting PTSD.  Gray’s article is especially valuable for several reasons.  First, it provides information on PTSD in general; Second, it describes the causes of PTSD; and, Third, it shares an accurate description of some of the various ways by which PTSD manifests itself.

Here is the link to Barbara Bronson Gray’s article, “1 in 4 Stroke Survivors Suffer From PTSD, Study Finds.”

Apparently, the PTSD connection applies not only to survivors of major strokes but also to those who live through the TIA-type of stroke.

This article is a valuable read even for people who have no history of stroke.  There is useful information here.

Gray’s article could also be used as a sort of “ice breaker” to try and initiate a discussion about PTSD with someone who is in PTSD denial…your mileage may vary.

(As an aside, and as I often say: I hope to return to write more regularly for the PTSD Spirituality website.  My health has become even more frail.  Last week I took a hard fall while teaching.  Nothing broken and I did not hit my head, but it hurt and has slowed me down even more than usual.  I also continue to hope that I will finish a writing project where I would put some of my work onto the Amazon Kindle.

My thanks to those who have written and who have offered prayers for my well-being.  I really REALLY appreciate that.  Those prayers help to keep me going.)

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. Sorry I hadn’t checked sooner. Good information to help people.
    Thank you for all the great information and insights you share so generously.

  2. William Kurz says:

    Welcome back, Dr. Z! My prayers for your improving health continue regularly.

    • Greetings! The summer term is nearly completed and a new chance awaits to rest and gambol (gamble?) my way through the medical industry! Yikes! Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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