PTSD Spirituality: In Triplicate! Once! Twice !! Thrice!!!

No novel masquerading as a PTSD essay this time, gotta be quick, succinct, brief (guess I just failed there, eh?). What do we need to know about the PTSD Soul Wound: Quickly! Succinctly! Briefly! (And, lest we forget! Redundantly!)

So, you clicked through, eh?

What are some of the things you (and the rest of us) really need to know about PTSD and Spirituality?

What Does PTSD Want From Us?

PTSD wants us to Give Up! Despair! Capitulate!

PTSD wants us to feel like Kaka! Feces! Extruded!

PTSD wants to alienate us from our Selves! Loved-Ones! The Divine!

PTSD wants us to abandon Love! Creativity! Hope!

PTSD wants to addict us to Substances! Violence! Porn!

PTSD ultimately wants us Dead! Deader! Deadest!

What Do we Need to Do To Survive and Thrive?

Learn! Understand! Realize! what PTSD does to us.

Hope! Dream! Love!

Create! Pray! Contemplate!

Repent! Apologize! Forgive!

Share! Talk! Write!

Start the healing journey Medically! Psychologically! Spiritually!

The Final Realizations?

Realize neither you (nor I) are Malignant, Evil, or Morally Deficient!

Rather, you (and I) are created in the Image, Likeness, and Breath of God!

We must realize we are never truly Alone, Isolated, Forgotten.

We must discover we are a journeying Community, Society, the Beloved of God.

The more we can integrate the above, then:

The fewer of us must crash, burn, and die.

The fewer others must suffer because we suffer.

We may more fully heal within the love

of God and the love

of all those who love us

in spite of our past actions.

You Are Fundamentally Valuable

Your Life has Value! Yes, it does! Indeed! Affirmative! Roger Wilco!

Thus, we can Overcome! Heal! Thrive!

We can heal from the PTSD soul wound.

Through Learning, Living, and Love

we can embrace life, authenticated life, intertwined lives

in triplicate.

Semper Pax, Adieu, Rounds Complete,

Dr. Z, Prof. Z, CPT Z


  1. It would be comforting if mental health professionals would acknowledge
    that combat ptsd is much more complex than their text books have led them to believe. I agree with you that education is essential.
    I am also curious why a course specific to ptsd is not offered at universities.
    You’d be an excellent selection to teach it. M.O.

    • Even though my teaching career is rapidly closing, I do manage some PTSD and Soul Wound education in most of my classes. In my Theology of Violence and Non-Violence course I am able to spend several weeks on PTSD. The Iliff School of Theology offers a graduate certificate in Military PTSD as a component of their graduate work in pastoral care. There is also some new work being done on “Moral Injury” but I forget the university it is affiliated with. I have mixed feelings about the term “Moral Injury” as it tastes a bit too much like a dainty euphemism for the horror, blood, pain, blades, bullets, terror, that makes up the PTSD which many of us deal with. Yet, if it is a term that would bring more care to those who need it, then I guess I could close my eyes and think of England.
      Your own work with combat PTSD and your book “Souled Out” is a realistic window to help people engage the PTSD reality and that we can heal from its soul wound. Your willingness to give presentations offers another doorway to healing, I’ve seen you hold audiences rapt with your journey. Semper Pax, Dr. Z

  2. Amy BLUMENSHINE says:

    Great post! I sent it on to the folks at the Soul Repair Center that addresses military moral injury. Amy

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