PTSD Spirituality: Should I Support PTSD Spirituality?

What does it mean to “Support PTSD Spirituality”? After all, I have some “Donate Now” buttons on this website.  The three types of donations I would hope to receive are as follows:

1. Prayers for those who suffer from PTSD and for those who care about them.

2. Prayers for my own spiritual well-being and that I will not be overwhelmed further by my physical disabilities and chronic pain.

3. Financial contributions will allow the PTSD Spirituality website to flourish and maintain its presence on the internet.  Beyond that, contributions would allow me to flourish and spend more time on writing and helping people.

If a donation to PTSD Spirituality would damage your household then keep the money. Don’t send it.

The Short Answer to the Donation Question

Any donations received go to keeping PTSD Spirituality “On the Air,” so to speak.  If those expenses are ever met, then the secondary focus would be keeping me healthy enough to continue with my research and writing about PTSD as a soul wound.  Over all, the goal is to help people understand PTSD, choose to stay alive, and re-discover or initiate a healing relationship with God.  If three gazillion dollars were donated, I would probably replace my twelve year old car and buy some clothes that fit better.

The Long-Winded Answer to the Donation Question

About the Legal Status of PTSD Spirituality

As a legal identity, PTSD Spirituality is an LLC, registered in Wisconsin.  PTSD Spirituality is not a tax deductible entity.  While I am not an accountant, I was advised that an LLC was the best means to make PTSD Spirituality “official” for tax purposes, especially after I finish my book on PTSD.

PTSD Spirituality as an entity is just me.  There are no physical premises, I have no staff, and I am an unpaid volunteer.  Nearly all related expenses, web leasing, hardware, etc., are paid out of pocket by me.  Occasionally, people may send me funds to help with the bills.

As of May 2012, the advertisements turn over a few dollars a month.  Clicking the Google ads or buying something through the Amazon links will earn this website some small – but meaningful – commissions.

If this were a real business, the accountants would tell me to close it down.  The website is an act of love: I hope it may help some people to better understand and heal from their PTSD.  Some kind folks call it a ministry.  I would be delighted if it at least broke even financially, but that is not why I am doing this.

What Does My Donation Go Towards?

If an individual makes a donation to PTSD Spirituality they need to be aware of three things: First, it is not a tax deductible contribution. Second, they need to trust me to some extent that I would spend the funds wisely. And, third, know that I am extremely grateful for financial contributions as well as prayers for my health.

Hey, Dr. Z, Can’t You Be More Specific?

Quite so, I should be more specific.  More or less in order of priority, here is what donations would go towards.

– Yearly web fees for server space and bandwidth.  As PTSD Spirituality becomes more heavily visited I foresee eventually moving to a dedicated server which costs more than the service I currently lease.

– Other fees such as security software, renewals of domains, LLC status, and broadband internet service.

– Items that allow me to use a computer and communicate in spite of my physical disabilities.  Some of this is hardware and some of this is software.

– Medications and medical treatment.  I have substantial medical bills.  If I do not receive treatment and medication, I cannot run the PTSD Spirituality website, nor do much else for that matter.  These costs are substantial even after insurance.

– Buying Time to Think, Pray, Read, and Write.  I’ve never received so many donations that this category has ever been funded.  I am a pre-internet person who needs time to think and pray about PTSD as a soul wound and how to heal that very wound.

Typically, I have a few hours a day where I am productive and those are usually dedicated to teaching.  It would be nice to teach one class a semester less and dedicate that time to PTSD Spirituality.  Given my health issues, I take about 6-8 hours to accomplish what a normal person takes an hour to do.  Keeping up with writing essays and responding to readers takes a portion of my time.  If I were “normal” it would not take much time, but I am not normal, so I need more time and energy than most do to accomplish similar goals.

– While unlikely, it would be nice to have enough income to allow me to work on PTSD Spirituality topics full-time.  Well, one can hope and dream!

If you donate prayers and/or financially, it is appreciated and useful.  PTSD Spirituality is a free, un-gated website, if it is useful to you or someone you know, then I am quite happy at that result.

(This essay will also be placed as a “Page” called “Donations.”)

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. Dr. Z, I probably mentioned in prior correspondence, from my own perspective – I figure everything I have, is really just on loan to me while I’m here. Trusting God with all I can and try to show gratitude for the blessings sent my way (including you).

  2. Thanks for bringing it to our attention. I’ll be reviewing my budget this weekend to see what I might shack loose. The insights and experience you share have meant a lot. Thank you very much.

    • Hi Russ, I feel a bit sheepish to have written that essay on donations. A reader had written me and asked what I would spend any donated funds upon. So, I wrote the reader back most of what I printed here. I then figured I should let other website visitors know as well. Prayer is always useful and sustains me. If a person sends a financial donation, they must be sure that it does not harm their household financial budget. Overall, I am always grateful for the readership and the opportunity to write about PTSD and how we can heal. Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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