PTSD Spirituality: Jason Moon, Trying to Find My Way Home

Artwork and creativeness can help us heal from our spiritual wounds, especially when those wounds are inflicted by PTSD.  For some of us, we find healing in music and writing.  After all, in art is life.  For many of us, regardless of how we were traumatized, we spend the rest of our lives “Trying to Find My Way Home.”  That is also the title of Iraq War veteran Jason Moon’s most recent CD.  Jason connects his lyrics and music with the experience of post-Iraq PTSD.

Jason is an Iraq War veteran who is afflicted with PTSD.  One of the ways his soul heals from PTSD is by considering the PTSD soul wound through his music and lyrics.  In many ways, his lyrics and music promote life as he revisits what it is like to have a small son and be deployed to (and survive) Iraq, discover he has PTSD, and the slogging hard journey to stay alive in the face of PTSD and plastic patriotism.

Jason’s music speaks to those who are on the soul journey of PTSD healing and sanctification.  It reminds those of us who carry the PTSD wound that we can make it yet another day.  It reminds those who love and care for those afflicted by PTSD that we (and they) can heal.

You can visit Jason Moon’s website and learn more about him.  He is an extraordinary fellow.  You can order his music through his website or through the Amazon link I am including (Fair Warning: If you buy it through the Amazon link PTSD Spirituality will get a dime or two).

His music is professionally produced and accompanied.  Jason’s story and his music were also featured in Olivier Morel’s documentary, “On the Bridge.”   This film follows several young Americans and how they deal with their PTSD after having served – and largely abandoned – by their country.

I am pleased to say that Jason is a friend.  We’ve known one another a few years now.  We can share our journeys together.  Even though there are a few decades between us, we have some similar wounds; we have walked some similar steps, and we heal through his music.

For each of you on this sanctification journey as you heal from PTSD, regardless of how you were traumatized, you can find some healing through artwork.  Poetry, drawing, sculpting, painting, music, you name it, it can help us become more authentic, more real, more healed.  We can peel off some of the despair PTSD welds around us. We can live in Hope, Compassion, Trust…live in God.  You should also know, that no matter how bad things might feel, you are never alone; God loves you each and every day, each and every night.  In the Creation and our creativity we touch fingers with God and can choose to live.

Through art, craft and creation, we are praying, seeking, touching the Divine…and we seek Life.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. PTSD
    Dear Dr. Z,
    I went to a CASAC training yesterday about PTSD and was able to share that I was doing Self-Help, PTSD Healing Poetry Workshops in this forum. I then spoke with the man with lots of letters after his name and the credentials of having been in Iraq, Afghanistan and now Reserves heading the VA Psychiatry department. He was teaching that the only Alternative Healing with a level of B for performance was through Acupuncture and the rest (including Art and Religion) were labeled, i for ineffective. Ha ha ha….This made me on point because of the surface label for those that are not connected to their Higher Power judging performance of such. It goes with the contemplation of Hebrews 3:5-10 I was reading this morning about, “If today you hear his voice harden not your hearts”.
    Peace brother,


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