PTSD Spirituality: Semester Almost Finished

My teaching semester is almost finished.  I will soon be able to start posting essays again on a less haphazard basis.  Big Lie Number Three is drafted and almost finished, so that essay should go up soon.  I appreciate the patience people have shown in my not writing as much as I should.  And, I very much appreciate the encouragement I have received to keep writing. 

Since writing last, I also had another medical adventure.   I have mostly recovered from that and it should not impede writing once the exams are finished.   Now I only have to figure how to pay for the privilege of being chronically ill.  For those who wrote to me and I did not respond, it was because I was unable to respond or I had to focus my energy/abilities on keeping my job.  My neglect is not intentional.

This week we have finals exams to inflict on the students and then a lot of grading (which shows that part of Purgatory may be here on Earth!).  Next week we will get all of the whining from kids who should have studied, should have come to class, etc.  It is amazing how serious people get about their studies the week after finals compared to the week before.

 Now I am off (literally) to give an exam…Yikes!

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. I love your blog posts and am always reading and learning! PLEASE keep writing!!!

    • Thank you for the wonderful encouragement. Today’s exam went well and only a week to go to get more testing done and all of the grading completed. Yuck!

      Already I am getting comments from students that I asked too many questions, I did not ask enough questions, I did not ask the right questions…Yikes! Were we this bad at school? Next, I suppose they will tell me I printed the exam on the wrong color of paper.

      I look forward to a bit of a teaching break and am now collecting PTSD Spirituality topics on what to write about through the summer. I am not back to teaching until just after Independence Day. It will be nice to make a postive contribution to the site.

      Thank you again for the encourgaement. I wish I could say I would write essays regardless of the challenges. But, the encouragement helps me to write.
      Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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