Dr Z: PTSD Spirituality Moving Towards Website Format

Frequent PTSD Spirituality visitors noticed our test drive of the new website format.  The goal is to upgrade PTSD Spirituality from a strict blog format to a “Content Management System” or CMS.  In the old says we just called that a website.  The plan is to have an ongoing blog to discuss latest news on PTSD and how it wounds the soul, but to also have a range of established static pages to serve as information resources about PTSD.

We had plenty of comments and some concerns that not all of the links were working.  For example, to the left are (currently) links which are not working.

A number of essays (yes, blog posts) need to be completed for the now dead links.  Next week I have time off and will be busy grading student work and writing essays.  Such are the plans of mice and men…put your money on the mouse!

I got triple whacked recently: a broken tooth, heavier workload at school, and a PTSD episode of my very own.  I am pleased that the PTSD episode did not send me into a negative behavior spiral, but it certainly got my attention and cost me a lot of time and energy. 

The PTSD soul wound can be rendered manageable.  We will still get zapped from time to time as something triggers our PTSD.  Yet, we don’t have to allow the PTSD-Identity to take control and further damage us and cause us to lose hope.

In the meantime, I appreciate your patience with the website and blog as I endeavor to bring it into a more fully formed and completed format.  I’ll leave the current theme up and running until the CMS version is ready to go.  You can access more information through this version.

Thank you for visiting and always know we don’t have to give up under the attacks of PTSD.  You have value and your life matters.

 Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. Thank you for your prayers, Queta. I have been sick again and am crawling back to work and the website. Your prayers are meaningful, thank you. Semper Pax, Dr. Z

  2. Sorry to hear about your recent setback. You remain in my prayers.

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