PTSD Spirituality: Vets, GI Bill Education, and PTSD Triggers

There is a useful article on recent veterans attending Columbia University in today’s online New York Times entitled, “From Battlefield to Ivy League, on the G.I. Bill,” written by Lisa W. Foderaro.  I hope to come back and write more about it.  But, if I don’t, take a minute and read through it.  See how an American veteran, Cameron Baker, ends up at Columbia University. 

Columbia is to be commended for seeking out veterans and helping them gain an excellent education.  Also note that Columbia University offers counseling for PTSD.  More universities, as well as local governments, should follow this example.  Lastly, before I run off for my morning appointments, note how PTSD triggers affect Cameron Baker and how he manges to deal with them.

When the Veterans Administration does its job, young vets like Cameron Baker can receive an excellent education.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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