PTSD Spirituality: Amazing Grace! Four Acts of Kindness.

Regular readers of the PTSD Spirituality blog know that I have “issues” with people who knock me down or criticize me for being so slow when I am out trying to walk with my cane.  Indeed, there is one guy at my job who wears special religious clothing to announce his religious  identity,  denomination, and personal holiness to the world.  Evidently one of his beliefs seems to specialize in letting doors hit me.  At least in his case, I don’t have to apologize about a Roman Catholic behaving badly, he is another form of Christian – who is behaving badly…so I guess I still have to apologize for (and forgive) him too.  But wait!  I have some breaking news on my crippled guy trying to walk outside saga!

I went into a restaurant today that had a  foyer with double doors – all the better to keep out the Wisconsin cold.  As I went in a family held the door for me, pulled their children out of the way, and then held the second door for me as well.  Then on my way out, two other people held the doors for me, even though it meant they had to wait for me to slowly walk past and that they spent more time in the cold.  None of the people rubbed in the fact that they were holding the doors for me.  They were just being courteous and polite, and extremely helpful to a guy who hurts with every step he takes (insert violin music here).  I was amazed!

I am still amazed!  Several different people, none of whom knew me allowed me the time and space I needed to move through the doors.  This is a rare event in my personal experience.  My prayers will include gratitude for them and their actions.  This sign of goodwill was exactly what I needed after having dodged another Industrial American Christmas and rabid holidazed shoppers. 

Each of the people who helped me I thanked.  And, in a little while, I will thank God for their help and for renewing some of my faith in humanity.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. I am stunned by your use of the reference to the crucifixion using “enhanced interrogation techniques”. Truly has given me something to ponder and pray about – a far different image comes to mind with that…not less horrifying, just different.

  2. Wow, Dr. Z. Glad to hear something positive has happened lately to restore your faith in human nature. Amazing how the guy in the religious garb can’t take the time to hold a door. Thanks for encouraging us to write, write, write. I am trying to pick up some of my good habits again (and lay off the bad ones.) BTW, I am dubbing 2010 the “Year of Forgiveness.” Thought I’d try to put a theme on each year rather than my usual list of quickly broken resolutions.
    Peace and blessings!

    • Hi Queta, Dubbing 2010 as the “Year of Forgiveness” sounds like a splendid idea for me to apply to myself. If Jesus could forgive from the cross the people who were giving him those enhanced interrorgation techniques, then I should be able forgive this guy who keeps (literally) knocking my nose out of joint. Thank you for the inspiration. And, keep on writing! Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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