PTSD Spirituality: Broken Electrons

Hello, If you have tried to contact me please know my computer has been down for the last several days. My phone, by coincidence also died. The computer is mostly fixed and the phone is still not properly working.

I need to work on catching up on my students’ work and then will return to writing for PTSD Spirituality. Thank you for your patience. Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. Diane Waltman says:


    It will be five years this coming December that I was assaulted by a patient at this Mental Institution where I worked as a counselor. As a result, I have suffered lasting damage, being diagnosed with PTSD, was a nightmare for me. Please get the right kind of help if you have been diagnosed with this complex disease. Trust in the Lord and your life will be a whole lot better.

    It takes considerable courage, strength, integrity and honesty, to stand up to abusers, especially as the reaction is often not met with a supportive or positive reaction from others.

    Assumptions will be made, from those who were not involved in the situation and claims made of the victim being unforgiving, or dramatic, or mistaken, or clouded by past life experiences.

    If this has happened to you, please know I do understand, and remain assured in what ‘you’ know is the truth that, even if no-one else believes you and remember their experience of person is the false one, not the real one, and often until they are exposed to the abusers real self, they will refuse to believe it.

    We can only heal what we can acknowledge, and knowing a person’s abusive real self and the abuse, is something we can heal from.

    • Thank you for sharing all of this. It takes real courage to say what has happened and acknowledge the challenges of living with PTSD. Semper Pax, Dr. Z

  2. Becky,
    You are so right about how helpful Dr Z can be in the healing needed for PTSD. I totally agree that without the spiritual component, complete healing is almost impossible. So glad to hear that you’ve found help as you support someone close to you with PTSD.
    Regards and best wishes,

  3. Stephen,
    I just want to encourage you to explore the spiritual side of PTSD recovery and the healing it can offer to the wounded soul. Dr. Z has been a tremendous help to me since this past September. I am a person who loves a veteran with PTSD. The spiritual insight and recovery clearly play a very important part in complete recovery. Whether you are Christian or not, we are in fact composed of both body and soul. It appears to me that healing the wounds to the soul can speed up the whole process of PTSD recovery. Ignoring the spiritual side, in my opinion, would lead to incomplete recovery. You’ve found a tremendous resource in Dr Z!

  4. Am doing research on alternative therapies for treatment of ptsd. Have assembled some 900 articles, studies, and so on, about 290 mb of material…please inform me of what your connection is with the subject; I am fairly light on matters of faith, spirituality, religion, etc.



    • Hello Stephen, Thank you for taking time to visit the site. I am a disabled army veteran with PTSD and also a Catholic Theologian who teaches about scripture, non-violence, and the spiritual dimensions of trauma. While there is a medical side to PTSD there is also a spiritual side. I attempt to address the spiritual side of PTSD and help people to understand that side of it as well as to offer Hope. That all said, I continue to endorse the medical treatment of PTSD. You may be interested in the pages called About Dr. Z and Dr. Z Interviews to help you get a better picture of what I do. Thank You & Semper Pax, Dr. Z


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