PTSD Spirituality Blog: What is a Podcast in Only Three Minutes

Our good friend Anne, from Anne is a Man’s Expert Podcast Reviews, offers us a great three minute video that explains podcasting.  Why is this relevant to the PTSD Spirituality Blog?  Because, first I hope to eventually offer some podcasts on PTSD Spirituality, explaining what it is, how PTSD damages us, how we can restore our wounded souls, and perhaps most important of all, to offer additional hope to those affected by the soul wound of PTSD.  Thus, I need to get a better grip on podcasting and it is possible that some of our readers will need to as well.

Second, figuring out how to use a podcast is important for us over forty fossils like me.  Learning how to use technology to my advantage is important.  I don’t want to learn it solely for the sake of ever more technology, but to actually be able to use it in a beneficial way.  Golly, what if that was the purpose behind developing technology, we could lower pollution, relieve suffering, feed the hungry…but I digress, those goals might not be profitable.  (In another digression, I am amazed at how my students avoid using technology that will help them do real content-based research.) 

Yet, many of us over forty folks could benefit from learning how to use technology.  I remember as a boy when my school piled us all into a big bus and drove us to the local university.  There, we got to see THE computer, which was big as a room and kept safely behind glass.  Now I actually own one!  Double Golly!! 

The Anne is a Man website offers expert podcast reviews and instruction on how to use technology that can easily be understood by someone as obtuse as me.  Anne is a Man offers reviews of valuable topics such as history, politics, religion, language, and climate change.  If you have not visited his site, it’s worth a trip, especially to learn something so basic (for me) as just what is a podcasts and why it is an advantage over traditional media.

I’d like to thank the visitors to the PTSD Spirituality Blog.  Things have been challenging of late.  I gave a presentation on the spiritual dimensions of PTSD to a church group last weekend.  I had to stay up past my usual bed time and missed taking some of my meds.  It also brought to the fore some memories I prefer not to dwell on.  I’ve spent most of the week recovering from that event.  It was worthwhile.  It is important that people understand the spiritual side of PTSD, how it damages our souls.  It is also important that they know there is hope and that veterans are people too.  They treated me very well.  

That all said, I hope to be able to soon return to more frequent blog essays on the spiritual dimensions of PTSD. 
Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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