PTSD Spirituality Blog: Three Interviews with Dr. John Zemler

From time to time people wonder how I got involved with PTSD Spirituality work.  To that end I have listed three interviews I gave about my work on the spiritual dimensions of PTSD.  One is a newspaper article, one is from a magazine, and one is from Wisconsin Public Radio (it requires the Real Player to listen to).  I am starting this as a blog post but am also creating it as a permanent page.

1. Wisconsin Public Radio Interview on PTSD with  Kathleen Dunn, September 12, 2007

I gave this interview just before leaving for a PTSD Healing Retreat sponsored by Soldiers Heart.  Kathleen Dunn is an excellent interviewer.  She allows the interviewee to answer the questions with sentences and paragraphs.

 2. Congregationalist Magazine issue devoted to PTSD and Military Issues,  2008/ No. 1

“Healing the Wounded Soul” by Samuel Schaal

This is a pdf file and the article about Dr. Zemler starts on page 9.  I appreciated that the interviewer observed that I was “healed, not cured.”  We are never 100% cured, but we can regain our identities, relationships and purpose in life.

 3. Deacon’s Bench Blog reported on my PTSD Interview  from the January 4, 2008, issue of the Catholic Herald of the Milwaukee Arch-Diocese.

The original article mistakenly implied I am an Iraq veteran and completely healed of PTSD.  I am not an Iraq veteran and I still have PTSD, but my worse symptoms have fled me.  PTSD is a hydra of many heads, multiple symptoms and manifestations.  I am blessed that some of those symptoms are gone.  That said, the article does convey the hope I try to teach about PTSD healing.

I hope that listing these interviews is not too hubristic on my part.  But, as people ask me from time time, it perhaps easier to check out his page.  Thank you for all of the people who have encouraged me to be active in PTSD Spirituality issues.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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