PTSD Spirituality Blog: We’ve Upgraded and Moved!

The PTSD Spirituality blog experienced a short service outage today as we migrated to our new namesake home of and will be nestled there for the duration.  We used to be hosted on my personal website.  I decided that with the increase in web presence, and the number of people contacting me, that a dedicated internet address was in order.

The PTSD Spirituality site remains focused on helping people understand the spiritual dimensions of PTSD as a soul wound. To that end we will continue to discuss the PTSD-Identity in terms of traditional religion, particularly the Catholic sacramental tradition, and alternative spiritualities such as shamanism.

In the future the site will continue to offer my own posts on PTSD and I am also asking some trusted individuals to write some guest posts.  I will also be offering some contextual advertising to help folks see the range of PTSD offerings that are out there, and quite bluntly, to pay the costs associated with the PTSD Spirituality blog and my own never ending medical bills.

If you are a new visitor to this PTSD blog, then welcome!  If you are one of the “old hands,” then thank you for creating enough internet traffic to justify expanding the site to its new and growing dimensions. 

Lastly, I’ve decided to set Comments so that they will remain moderated (to watch out for spammers) but to not require a site registration process.  Hopefully, this will make the site easier to use for all.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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