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PTSD wounds are souls and our souls need nourishment to heal.  Education is one of the ongoing ways we can nourish our souls and fend off the pernicious effects of PTSD.  PTSD wants us to quit caring, to give-up, to go into isolation and die.  Actively learning is one of the ways to defeat the harmful effects of the PTSD Identity.  Podcasting allows us to pursue knowledge and defeat PTSD all in one go.  To that end allow me to recommend the expert podcast reviews of my friend Anne

Anne is a Man! – Podcast Reviews

 Anne has invested countless hours to create a one stop center for both the serious and casual learner on the subject of podcasts.  In academia, a scholar will research and submit an article to a scholarly journal.  The article is then sent out by the journal’s editor to be peer reviewed.  That is, other subject matter experts, peers, will anonymously evaluate the article to make sure it is rigorous and meets the standards of academic excellence.  They don’t have to agree with the article, but it has to pass muster as a serious, credible contribution to research.  In the world of podcasting, Anne provides that service.  He spends a lot of time evaluating and finding the best of the best when it comes to podcasts and then posts them for you and me to listen and learn. 

What I find most amazing is that Anne does this for free.  He does not make money from this service.  He has a love of learning, podcasting, and making it available to whomever is interested in using it. 

 Helpful Tutorials on More than (Just) Podcasting

Anne even has helpful tutorials that explain what a podcasts is, how to use an RSS feeder, and so on.  For many blog readers this is old hat.  For folks like me, who are on the wrong side of the digital divide, this is very helpful information that enables the internet to be useful to me – and not be only something which bewilders me.

Anne: the Man, Friend, Brother

By the way, Anne is a man.  He is a friend of mine and in many ways has grown to be something of a “brother” to me.  I can honestly say I would be recommending his podcasts reviews even if I did not know him.  His reviews are simply that good.

Podcasting to Help Heal PTSD

In the world of healing PTSD soul wounds, finding reasons to stay alive is critical.  In my own experience the hunger for learning gives me a continued reason to stay alive.  Back in the 1980s, when I first got PTSD, podcasts were science fiction and it was difficult to get university level educational materials without paying tuition and sitting in a classroom or taking a correspondence course.  Now, with podcasting, that all changes.  We can learn for the simple joy of learning.

 Medications will sometimes make my eyes too bleary to read.  But I am still awake and want to learn.  Podcasts allow me to continue serious learning, without being shut down by medications.  For individuals on pain medications this makes podcasts very enabling. 

 Pop on over to Anne’s site and view the nearly endless podcasts that he has made available for those who desire to learn and live.


  1. Hi Anne,
    Your willingness to help others is always amazing. Having access to diverse educational materials all in one place, and already reviewed to separate the wheat from the chaff, is a real service. Many thanks.
    Semper Pax, Dr. Z

  2. Hey John,

    Many thanks for mentioning my site. I can add, that on my blog you can find podcast recommendations in History, Psychology, Spirituality, Philosophy, Science and more. If you still did not find what you are looking for, feel free to contact me and I am sure I can locate what you need. There is a huge world of free educational audio out there.


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