Off Topic: Liberty University Bans Political Discussion

The fear of rational political discourse is something our country can ill afford.  Indeed, the War on Terror is marketed as a War to Protect Our Freedoms.

Liberty University, a private school founded by Jerry Falwell, has banned the Democratic Club, a student organization from its campus.  The group was formed last Fall.  The College Republicans remain a supported group on campus.

Liberty has the legal power to suprress free speech and political discussion on its campus.  The actions at Liberty seem to be a microcosm of what has happened to the Republican Party nationally, if you are not conservative enough they want you out.  

Many veterans have been led to understand that they served in the military to protect America’s freedoms, i.e., the freedom of speech and the freedom of assembly.  We supposedly protected those freedoms, even gave up some of our own for the good of all, so that we could discuss and decide what is right and wrong. 

Liberty University’s actions have rendered its very name an oxymoron.  They shame veterans who have served top protect Liberty’s right to exist and to teach, and in this case, to suppress the freedoms of speech and assembly.

The Apostle Paul makes the point in First Corinthians that just because we have the freedom to do something does not mean we should do it, especially when it damages the Church.  Liberty has the power to suprress free speech and free assembly, but has done so and has damaged democracy and higher education.  Paul would not have approved.   Based on their actions, to call themselves Liberty University is now best understood in Orwellian terms.

Lastly, I am neither a Democrat or a Republican.  If an institiotuin of higher learning banned the College Republicans, I would feel the same way.  Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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