PTSD Spirituality Remains Important

PTSD Spirituality remains important.  And, I am not dead.  Just overwhelmed with giving and grading final exams, calculating grades, evaluating term papers that were started two days before they were due, and the like.  Unfortuantely, it all uses up my hands and I remain obligated to my students – so I am remiss in a weekly update.

This semester I was able to teach PTSD Awareness and the Spiritual Dimensions of PTSD to 80 students.  At leats a dozen of themn are planning to not let the reality of PTSD escape them, that is, they plan to become involved in helping others heal from the soul wounds of PTSD.  Several students were also able to see that the trauma they have suffered in their own lives does not have to destroy them.  As they begin the healing journey themselves, they will be able to help others.

That said, another week and the semester will be all over except for the whining.  This week is Finals Week and the week after that will be Whinals Week.   Interest in one’s education is better late than never, I suppose.

The summer looks good, less work, more rest and more writing.  I would work more if the teaching was availalble, but it is not.  So I hope to use a lot of that time writing more for the PTSD Spirituality book.

btw: most of the students are pretty good, some work very hard and are dedicated to learning and helping others.  But, a few of the lazy loud voices can sometimes feel like a lot weight.

Lastly, remember that YOU have value.  The PTSD Identity wants to convince us  that we are worthless.  But we have worth.  We matter.  If your PTSD is trying to eat you up, know that you can make it through.

Hope to be writing more content soon.  Semper Pax, Dr. Z


  1. “Whinals Week?” Too funny. It helps to be reminded that even when PTSD is trying to “eat us up” we can persevere. This blog continues to inspire me to do the prayer and fasting required to stay out of the abyss. Thanks for doing this despite your many other obligations and health “challenges.”

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