PTSD Books & Articles Requested

What books or articles on the spiritual dimensions of PTSD have you found to be useful?  They need not be limited to a Christian experience or viewpoint.


I am working on a blog post to list important or useful books and articles on PTSD.  Actually I suppose it will be a blog “page” as opposed to a “post.”  A page seems to be more lasting and more easily accessible than a post.  Anyway, enough of blog-blog talk.


There are plenty of medical and psychiatric reports and this is not what we are after here.  They have their value, but we are interested in healing the PTSD wounded soul.


I have a few items on my own shelf which I will be adding to the list.  If you have some recommendations for PTSD bibliography that would also help others, then please send along the recommendation.


You can offer a recommendation in a comment below or you can send it in an e-mail to  Either way, I appreciate your help.


Semper Pax, Dr, Z



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