One PTSD Site Lost, A New PTSD Site Gained!

Welcome to the PTSD Spirituality Blog.

For those of you who were here before and wonder what happened to the previous posts, well, er, um, they’re gone.  I was attempting that thing known as an upgrade and it, well, er, um…didn’t really take.  Or, perhaps I should say it took everything I had!

So, now I start anew.  On the one hand it is very frustrating to have written what I had and then to have lost it and to choose to start again.  On the other hand, this experience is very much like having PTSD.  I had a life before, I had good health before, I had some innocence, I had an identity which for better or worse was all mine.  Now, after a couple of decades of PTSD, that is gone, incredibly altered.  But, I choose to start again, and keep going.

This provides an opportunity to try and better think out what it is I want to do here and perhaps to better maintain a writing schedule.

However you or someone you know got P{TSD do know this.  There is Hope and YOUR Life Matters.  Never give up.  Never giove the PTSD Monster the satisfaction of killing another one of us.

I will endeavor to repair and replace the site.

Semper Pax, Dr. Z

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